White Pine

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The White Pine is a great Bonsai for Canada. It loves the Canadian summers and needs a dormant season which our winters provide. 

White Pines do require a little more patience than our other species, due to their slow-growing nature but make up for it when it matures and exposes their full potential. Perfect species for Bonsai and great for beginners as it is a tree native to Canada that is very hardy and can thrive in our weather. 

You can follow general watering suggestions for Bonsai trees here

For best results, prune the roots of this bonsai back about 25% every time you re-pot. Which should be every 2-3 years until the tree is 10, after which every 3-5 years.


These are not seeds - But Actual Bonsai Tree

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page, for the age and dimensions regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, & Mature).

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie-Marie Holloway6@aol.com (Oshawa, CA)

Very nice and easy to care for.

Loic Joncourt (Vancouver, CA)
Very happy!

Bought a young white pine as well as another tree for my first bonsais ever! Couldn't be happier. My order shipped extremely quick. Delivery was fast. But most importantly the trees arrived looking great without any damage :)

jeremy wallace (Calgary, CA)
White pine

I thought it would be more established for a youth tree but can’t compare or complain. I have never had one before, it’s thriving and very healthy.

Banard Belliveau (Toronto, CA)
ι goт тнe ѕpecιal тreaтмenт

ғroм ѕтarт тo ғιnιѕн ι waѕ мore тнan ѕaтιѕғιed. ι нad a ғυn тιмe вrowѕιng тнeιr weвѕιтe. payмenт oғ мy вonѕaι тree waѕ eaѕy and ѕιмple. ι нad a concern aғтer мy pυrcнaѕe тнaт waѕ eaѕιly reѕolved. тнe ѕнιppιng coмpany waѕ very ғrιendly. тнe вonѕaι тree тнaт ι receιved waѕ вeттer тнan ι eхpecтed. ι woυld pυrcнaѕe ғroм вonѕaι ѕтore agaιn wιтн oυт a doυвт!!

Richard Green (Saint-Agapit, CA)
perfect pine

Wonderful little tree, arrived in perfect condition, looks fantastic.

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