Choosing a Bonsai should be a fun and easy process, that's why we've done the hard work for you.

All the Bonsai's we sell whether it's from our Baby, Young or Mature Collections have been carefully selected for both their genetic attributes and aesthetics.


Baby Bonsai


Our Baby Bonsai collection will bring you to the beginning of your Bonsai journey. With the Baby Bonsai, you will begin with a tree about 6 - 18 months old. These Baby Bonsai will allow you to have full control over the process and you will be able to see the Bonsai bloom before your eyes! 


Young Bonsai

A Young Bonsai is a tree ready for training, taking years off the timeline for your Bonsai growth, bringing you straight to the stage where you can start seeing results. Our Young Bonsai have been growing for 2-5 years and are ready for you to train them any which way you'd like. 


Young Tropical Bonsai are usually 7-12 years old. 

For many of the tropical Bonsai varieties, the Young collection are ready to be potted and pruned. Bonsai like Fukien Tea, Ficus and other Sub-Tropical and Tropical varieties require training at a very young age to achieve interest and movement in the trunk. So for these Bonsai, The trunks have been trained in either an informal upright design or broom style. Other styles would be mentioned on the specific product page. 


Mature Bonsai


When available, these trees have been trained for years to achieve their presentation and are one off pieces that are ready to display. These Bonsai come in handmade ceramic pots, already in a Bonsai soil mix.

Shipping costs tend to be higher on these Bonsai, as they require a lot of packaging material to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. 

Mature Bonsai are not included in the free shipping promo.