Buying a gift is never easy when you care about the person you’re buying for. Bonsai make a great gift because, unlike some trendy gadget or novelty item, Bonsai can grow for decades, even centuries, when taken care of properly. A gift that keeps growing, evolving, and changing and has so many benefits like teaching patience, connecting with nature, and nurturing a living and constantly changing piece of art, to name a few.

The tricky part of gifting a Bonsai is whether that person has the space for it or whether they would prefer an Indoor or Outdoor Bonsai. How much care that certain species needs and if that is something they are willing to take on. How much of a green thumb do they have, and would it be better to get them something hard to kill?

So the first question you should ask yourself is? Does this person currently have any Bonsai or expressed interest in getting into Bonsai. If the answer is yes, the gifts are easy.

Trimming a Bonsai

Everyone needs specific tools for the hobby, just like cooking with your favourite frying pan or mug. It just makes the experience of working or using that item much more rewarding. For the same reason that you would not throw your favourite gaming mouse into your backpack to take to work, we treasure and keep these valuable items near and dear.

Bonsai Tool Collection

The same can be said about Bonsai tools, from shears to cutters and everything in between. You can get simple and cost-effective brands, but you can also go up to better-quality ones. In Bonsai, these are the Japanese tools, which have better overall quality and just a great feel to them. Often these are also the items that many would rather avoid splurging on, making them great gifts that any Bonsai enthusiast will treasure.

Another great gift idea is a book on Bonsai or an artisan pot. You would not believe how vital pots are to Bonsai people. Making an artisan or premium pot great gift for the Bonsai lover.

Bonsai Display

Finally, we come to the actual trees themselves.
Many of our customers have asked us about caring for the trees until they are ready to be gifted, and for them, we have come up with two solutions.

First is our Misho Bonsai Growing Kit. Misho means growing and cultivating from seed in Japanese; with this kit, that is exactly what you can do. Everything you need is included in this great little package: seeds, mini-greenhouse, specialty soil, perlite, Bonsai-specific instructions and instructions on germinating and grow these seeds successfully. The best part about them is that they are guaranteed to sprout. It’s written all over the packaging and instruction manual. If you follow the instructions and the seeds don’t sprout for some reason, we will replace them with either seeds or even a live seedling, depending on the species.

Misho Bonsai Growing Kit

Another great gift for the Bonsai lover are the Greenhouse Babies. These little seedlings come in a self-regulated environment, which can last up to three weeks without watering or care. Just place them somewhere in in-direct sunlight and not too cold, and forget about them. If you need to keep them for more than three weeks, that’s easy too. Just pop off the bottom lid of the mini greenhouse and spray a little water. That will ensure another 2-3 weeks that they stay happy in the mini greenhouse.

Greenhouse Baby Bonsai

For an awe-inspiring gift, we have a great selection of Mature Bonsai, meaning they have all been styled and begun their development in handmade ceramic Bonsai pots. Like all Bonsai, these will still grow and need pruning, watering, shaping and care. But unlike the babies or young pre-Bonsai, they have already made their first serious repotting, which is a significant stressor for trees and are thriving.

Bonsai Display on Bench

So whatever gift you decide to get your aspiring Bonsai artist or even for yourself. We are here to help, answer any questions you have and help you along your Bonsai journey.



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