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The Ficus Bonsai is a favourite of beginners and experts alike and is the perfect Bonsai for indoors. Especially great for Canada, as this tree doesn't not like frost. In the summer the Ficus is happy to be outside, although make sure the temperature stays above 15 degrees celsius. The Ficus is a vigorous grower and easy to keep happy and growing healthy for many years. 

Repotting is suggested every year or two under the age of 10, after the age of ten when the tree has matured and settled in, repotting every 3-5 years is fine.  The ficus can withstand root pruning happily. If a thick growing trunk is desired, the Ficus can be left in a large pot with good drainage and not be pruned back until the desired thickness is achieved. After which the tree can be pruned back and will continue its growth.  

This Bonsai is probably your best bet as an indoor Bonsai and you will enjoy it for years to come.