Snow Rose


The Snow Rose (Serissa Japonica) is an exquisite Bonsai. Known for its year-round blossoming white flowers and intricate and interesting root structure, this a very desirable Bonsai. 

Grown mainly outdoors in the tropics, in Canada, the Snow Rose will do very well indoors. The Snow Rose does enjoy lots of sunlight, but be careful not to place it too close to a window where the temperature fluctuations can have a negative effect on the Snow Rose. If you cannot provide the Snow Rose with 8-10 hours of sunlight a day (not direct sunlight), then consider purchasing a small inexpensive grow light to supplement natural light. 

The Snow Rose is quick to express its satisfaction with flowers or it's dissatisfaction by turning its leaves yellow and maybe even shedding them. If the Snow Rose is not happy, check the location of the Bonsai and make sure it's getting enough light and the temperature is stable. When watering, make sure the soil is almost dry and then give the Snow Rose a good long drink. (See our watering instructions here).

Being a vigorous grower, the Snow Rose does very well with pruning and training. Check the pot every 1-2 years to see if the Bonsai has become pot bound and requires re-potting.  



YOUNG: 6" - 12" tall, comes in a 6" grower's pot.

MAME MATURE: 4"- 8" tall, comes in a 3" handmade ceramic pot.

MATURE: 8" - 16" tall, comes in an 8" handmade ceramic pot.


Mame Mature and Mature trees are assorted and may not come with a humidity tray. 


These are not seeds - But Actual Bonsai Tree

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page, for the age and dimensions regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, & Mature).

Customer Reviews

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Benoit (Sainte-Adele, CA)
Toujours satisfait

Arrivé en santé, comme si j’avais acheté en boutique.
Prenne soins de bien emballé et s’assure de notre satisfaction.
Très enchanté de mes achats auprès de Bonsaistore !

Ross Duncan (Duncan, CA)
Arrived beautiful

Always arrive safe n looking good thank you


A nice little tree it’s a welcome family !

Peter Brownlee (Toronto, CA)

Snow Rose

Lolita Thompson (Orangeville, CA)
Cute, wee, Bonsai!!

Gosh, a wonderful surprise. Packing was perfect!! Arriving on time was perfect! And the wee plant is adorable planted in it’s ceramic pot…. Love it!
Can’t wait to see it bloom!

Thank you…

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