Pine Bark Fines

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Pine Bark Fines aged and composted from Ontario sawmills is a great base as it retains moisture while not waterlogging (protecting from root rot), provides nutrients and drains very well. 

This is undoubtedly the best substrate base for developing young Bonsai. Unlike substrates used for refinement (finishing a bonsai tree in a bonsai pot), Pine Bark fines is the best soil type to thicken trunks, develop branching and all other stages of Bonsai development. Best used in growing pots, this substrate is not Pine Bark Mulch. It has been refined into smaller particles and composted to provide an ideal base to plant your developing trees in. 

Our Pine Bark fines come in 1.5L and 3L bags. 

1.5 L will be sufficient for a 6" Azalea pot or colander.

3L will be sufficient for a #1 Gallon grower pot.  


Customer Reviews

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Tan (Rockland, CA)
Pine bark

My little bonsai seems to fare much better since adding the fine bark to it. So happy

James Puffer (St. Catharines, CA)
Good product, Great service

Only good news things to say

Matt Levis (Windsor, CA)
5 stars

Worked like a charm

Dennis Crisp (Orillia, CA)
Juniper, Maples, pine fines, wire etc

Arrived in excellent condition due to superb packaging, my best experience in Internet purchasing

Fran S (Church Point, CA)
Excellent product

Purchased Akadama, lava rock, bark, and soil substrate. Arrived promptly, well packaged. Products are impeccable, lava rock is clean with no need to rinse, very happy with everything!

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