Mugo Pine Dwarf


The Mugo Pine (Latin: Pinus mugo) is widely considered not only one of the most beautiful pines that are highly suitable for Bonsai but also much easier to grow and maintain when compared to Japanese Black Pine or Japanese White Pine. 

This is a great pine for beginners and a favourite of experts. This dwarf cultivar has very tight, short green needles and excellent branching. 

Our dwarf Variety of the Mugo Pine, also known as the mountain pine or Swiss pine features tight needle growth achieving a full look without a lengthy ramification period. 

In the pictures, you will notice what our young Mugo Pine looks like, along with a picture taken right after the repotting and pruning of one of our young Mugo Pines.  


Mature Mugo Pines - These are the same dwarf cultivar as youngs and are grown by a specialty nursery in Oregon, USA. These are truly stunning Bonsai, that will delight for years to come. 


These are not seeds - But Actual Bonsai Tree

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page, for the age and dimensions regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, & Mature).

Customer Reviews

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@kingston_grows (Keswick Ridge, CA)
Mugo pine , right on time !

Quick , friendly , courteous. Everything arrived healthy, happy . Easy transitioning .

Tracy Bowman (Winnipeg, CA)

This was a gift for my husband, an early Christmas gift. He is very happy with it and is babying it. My daughter is getting him the tools for Christmas so for now it sits in my front window. I have one small issue, the pot it was in is missing a leg and that makes it a bit wobbly. The bonsai itself is wonderful.

Pierre Kennedy (North Bay, CA)
Mugo Pine Dwarf

A++ quality, great tree could not ask any better, highly recommended thank you

Bill Chisholm (Greely, CA)
Packaged well

Happy with the pine

Nancy Reimer (St. Catharines, CA)
I was/is a beautiful plant. What a shame to cut it all up to Bonsai it.

Extremely pleased with all products from this company. I am never disappointed. Quality all the way. TKS.

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