Tree of Peace


Tree of Peace 🕊

The universal sign of peace combined with the living art of Bonsai makes this one-of-a-kind stunning Peace Tree. 

We have taken the ancient Olive tree from the Mediterranean and sculpted it into these one-of-a-kind Bonsai, forming the Tree of Peace. 

A Tree, like no Other. 

Each tree is its unique peace symbol, with no two trees looking alike. 

Mediterranean Olive trees can live for hundreds of years, bringing peace to your home, business, family and friends. Wherever you decide to place it or whomever you choose to share it with will love this little meaningful tree. 

Mediterranean Olive trees have been revered worldwide for their fruit, oils and resilience. These trees require very little maintenance and can live outdoors or indoors in a bright sunny spot for many years with very little fuss. 

What image is more iconic than the dove with an Olive Branch? 

Now you can own or gift this unique Bonsai, bringing peace and nature together in a form that to be enjoyed anywhere, year-round. 

Peace Tree Care

General Care: Place the Bonsai outside from Spring to Fall, then it is brought indoors for the winter. Or you can place it in a bright sunny spot indoors year-round. 

Watering: Olive trees thrive in desert-like conditions in the Mediterranean, so letting the soil dry out before watering again is recommended. Unlike most Bonsai, this tree is very hardy and can withstand less frequent watering. When placed outdoors in warm to hot temperatures, the Olive tree will enjoy watering daily in the evenings. 

Pruning: The Olive Tree Bonsai can be pruned anytime the branches get long to maintain their shape. Or the branches can be allowed to grow out to form a new profile for the tree. 

Repotting: The Olive Tree Bonsai requires a repotting every 2-3 years. Repotting is best done in the spring. Remove the tree from the pot and gently loosen the soil with a chopstick or root pick. Trim the root ends gently, place it into its pot, and add a Bonsai-specific soil or any other well-draining soil type. There is no need to change the pot; you can continue to use the handmade ceramic Bonsai pot it has come in for years. 

Product Description:

Mediterranean Olive Tree (Olea Europaea) is 4-5 years old and comes in a handmade 4" ceramic Bonsai pot. The trees range in height from 6"-10". 

Mame Mature and Mature trees are assorted and may not come with a humidity tray. 

The Peace Tree Bonsai is a living tree and requires care, watering and occasional maintenance. By purchasing this tree, you assume responsibility for its wellbeing and care. 

In the rare case that the tree arrives damaged, we will replace it when contacted within 48hrs of delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Received yesterday. Well packed and in great shape.

Darlene Forrest (Petawawa, CA)
Tree of Peace

My tree arrived very quickly, and was in perfect shape. The way it was packaged made sure it wasn't damaged in shipping. Great service

Guylaine Branchaud (La Prairie, CA)
Healthy nice tree

Healthy Tree, very well protected for delivery. Looking forward to see it grow.

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