Akadama is a Japanese Red Clay Soil/substrate, that almost every Bonsai professional and enthusiast agree is a must for growing Bonsai. 

This Soil has wonderful drainage but also has tiny pores that capture moisture and keep it around the roots. 

Akadama usually comes in 40-pound bags, but as we know that most of our clients do not need that kind of quantity, we are happy to offer Akadama in one-pound bags for your convenience.



This size is mainly recommended in the potting of large specimens in pots over 12". But can also be used sparsely to better aerate the soil and help drainage. Keep in mind that young roots will have a hard time growing in an environment mainly consisting of grains this size.


The best use of this sized grain is in pots 10" and larger. Ideal for use together with pumice and lava rock for Boon's Mix, as its size is consistent with the other particles in the mix. For best results use this grain size with Bonsai over 10" tall.


Sometimes referred to as Shohin size. This grain size is ideal for smaller compositions and can also do very well in a Boon's mix with smaller Bonsai. We recommended using this grain size with all of our Baby and some of our Young sizes and with any pot that is smaller than 10" or Bonsai less than 18" in height. 

Customer Reviews

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Saira Khan (Port of Spain, TT)
Best Birthday Gift

This was a birthday gift which was well received. The recipient did not know about bonsai, so its a new activity . Time will tell on this bonsai journey. Im sure she will enjoy.

Viorel Cucu (Vancouver, CA)

Great product , outstanding service ! Thank you!

Olivier D (Québec, CA)
Good quality

The size and the function of Akadama seems accurate for my using for my new baby juniper ! Really happy with it !

Quincy Sheridan (Peterborough, CA)
Love it!

You have such a great variety, was very hard to choose, was glad of the kit deal, beginner and all. Delivery and how you packed it (especially in winter) was a comfort. Was so excited to get my bonsai, its doing great, and just waiting till growing season to start shaping him. I'm sure this will be one of many. Thank you for great service.

Brian Dick (St. Catharines, CA)

Akadama was a good deal and i used it for my Japanese Rose to repot

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