Indoor/Outdoor Care for Tillandsia (Air Plants)



A south east or west window is best for Tillandsia, bright light or filtered sun are the ideal conditions for them. If natural lighting conditions are not possible or insufficient, then a full spectrum fluorescent light is recommended. Monthly rotation of plants is also recommended. 

Air plants also do exceptionally well in outdoor environments when the weather is warm and placed in a gazebo, screened porch or pool patio will provide them with the filtered light conditions that they love. We do not recommend placing Air Plants in direct afternoon sun, morning or late afternoon sun will be fine. 



Tillandsia's should be watered 2-4 times a week. But in dry or very hot conditions, that will need to be increased. If the plants leaves start to curl, that is a sign of insufficient water. This can be fixed easily by submerging the Air plant completely in water for a few hours or overnight. Then remove the Air Plant from the water and continue the regular watering schedule. 

To water Air Plants saturate the plants completely until water runs off off the plant. Allow plants to fully dry between waterings. Misting alone is not sufficient, but in hot or dry conditions like indoors when the heat is on, is recommended daily. 



Place your air plants in a well ventilated area as they love fresh air. Air movement will help with the drying of the plants which in turn helps with any disease due to overwatering. 



Although not necessary, if you wish to fertilize your air plants, you can do so by feeding once a month a low copper liquid or water soluble fertilizer. We recommend a 10-5-5 N-P-K at a 1/4 of the recommended dose. 



Tillandsia are tolerant of a wide variety of temperatures and most species can withstand near freezing temperatures. But they most enjoy temperatures around 21° celsius, making our indoor temperatures in Canada ideal for them. With correct humidity, watering and shade, Air plants can enjoy temperatures over 32° celsius.