All Bonsai love the outdoors, but cannot withstand extreme Canadian winters like their ground-planted counterparts. Bonsai have very little protection from the elements in their shallow pots with relatively little soil. 

Most Bonsai prefer shade to partial shade and very few like full sun. Depending on your Bonsai these preferences may vary slightly. But to be on the safe side, try and avoid areas with no shade during the mid-day sun. It's also good practice to find a location that suits you and your Bonsai and avoid moving it. Don't place your Bonsai in an area where it will need to be moved often. 

Many times Bonsai are displayed and during these times can be brought indoors for a dinner party or gathering for a day or two.

Once the temperature consistently stays above freezing, it's time to bring your Bonsai outside and keep it there until fall when the temperatures start dropping below freezing. 

In Canada, Bonsai cannot stay outside year-round, so please see our winter care guide for tips on how and where to store your Bonsai over winter.