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Let's start by saying that your new little tree has just been through a lot. Regardless of what type or age of tree it is, it's always a good idea to let the tree acclimate to its new environment for three to four weeks. You're Pre-Bonsai or Bonsai may be experiencing a little leaf loss, up to 20% is normal or look a little wilted. All of which can be easily fixed with a good watering and sunlight.


Depending on which collection of Bonsai you purchased, please see the relevant directions:

Tree Type Specific Care Guides:


Deciduous Tree care Guide - Maple, Dogwood, Hornbeam, Larch, Oak

Sub-Tropical Tree Guide - Black Olive, Chinese Elm, Brush Cherry

Tropical Tree Guide - Ficus, Jade, Fukien Tea, Buddhist Pine, Bougainvillea 

Snow Rose Guide

Juniper/Coniferous Care Guide

Azalea Care Guide

Winter Care Guide 


Baby Bonsai:

This is so exciting!!!! To start you need to plant your Baby Bonsai in either a training pot or regular pot. At this age, the main focus should be root, trunk and branch growth. So planting your Baby Bonsai in nutrient rich garden soil is ideal. 4-6 weeks after potting the Baby Bonsai, you can start using a fertilizer to stimulate and speed up the growth. Usually from this stage it will take 1-3 years before training can begin. This depends on the species of the tree and desired outcome of the Bonsai. As a rule, the larger the area in which the bonsai is grown (pot & soil) the quicker it will grow. 


Young Bonsai:

This is where the fun really begins. These Bonsai are at the perfect age to start training. Unless your desired outcome is to have the trunk rise straight up, this is the perfect age to start manipulating the Bonsai to make it grow into an interesting specimen with flowing movement. Please see Training My Bonsai.


Mature Bonsai:

Although the training has already started, the journey of a Bonsai can last hundreds of years. We highly recommend going through the training page for your Bonsai. 


If you have any questions, need help or just want to send us updates on how your Bonsai is doing, we always love to hear from you. 

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