Top Reasons to Get a New Bonsai Tree for Your Home

You have probably already seen a bonsai tree. However, there is much more to these tiny trees than you would get at first glance. The oldest bonsai trees in the world, the “Longevity” and “Universe” trees, are estimated to be more than 800 years old. As amazing as that sounds, there are so many reasons to get a bonsai tree for your home, and this article will shed light on these reasons.


Top Reasons to Get a New Bonsai Tree for Your Home

1 - It adds beauty to any space

Imagine an indoor area that has nothing but beautiful green plants. Everything is well and good, but it does not add aesthetic to the room. A bonsai tree, however, makes all the difference.

2 - It looks great as a conversation starter

The beauty of anything that is unique is that it draws attention. Whether you have many bonsai trees among you or just one, they are sure to draw a lot of attention. People will ask you questions about them, and you can use that opportunity to tell them about the history of bonsai trees.

3 - It brings peace to the home and the mind

The word “bonsai” actually means “planted in a container.” There are several reasons why you should bring one home. Some bonsai trees are even known to treat mental and physical disorders like high blood pressure and mental stress.

4 - It is easy to maintain

Since there is not a lot of space for the tree to grow, it does not take a lot of maintenance. Bonsai trees need a few minutes every two-three days just to ensure they are getting their water and have enough light. Most of the more time consuming tasks are done no more than once or twice a year, and this is more than enough for them to survive and look great.

5 - It is a great hobby

Bonsai gardening is not just about maintaining a tree. It is about encouraging the tree to grow better. At the end of the day, the result is a beautiful bonsai tree that you will have grown from scratch.

6 - It is environmentally friendly

The main reason why bonsai tree gardens are easy to maintain is that they do not consume a lot of resources. Bonsai trees use their own natural resources to become beautiful, and this means that in the long run, you will be doing something good for the environment.

7 - It can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be

You have probably heard that trees can be expensive. The price of the tree depends on several factors, including the species of the tree and the length of time it takes to grow. Trees that have been grown for many years are just priced in a way to justify their care, maintenance and design for all those years. Imagine going to a garden center and purchasing an eight foot, 12 year old tree and what that would cost. The fact that the Bonsai is smaller, does not mean it required less time or care to have it reach that age. Often it actually takes more work than just placing it in the ground. 

But, starting out in Bonsai doesn't have to be expensive. Most people start with seedlings or pre-bonsai based on the type of species and varieties they like. Then grow, design and nurture that tree into a Bonsai of their \own making. Bonsai is about the journey as it is an ever evolving art form. 


Conclusion Bonsai trees have been around for many years, and they remain popular even now. Although they are small, they have the ability to make a big difference in your home. Bonsai trees are not just about beauty. They are about several other things. They are about good health, maintaining a good environment, and interesting hobbies. They are worth getting, and the above reasons should be enough to convince you.

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My young gorgeous bonsai arrived yesterday. I could tell that it had been loved and cared for and I love it too. The packaging was very good and my bonsai was safe and sound. Thank you.

shelagh Powell May 19, 2022

I plan on growing some bonsai trees for a start and to leave behind for my loved ones to plant my ashes with when I pass over. It would make a sentimental gift that can be passed on for generations with the participation of nurturing through out the life span of the bonsai. If anyone uses this idea please research what bonsai trees will thrive with human ashes first before buying!

Pauline kussman May 19, 2022

I have one small bonsai received as a gift. Love it

Margot March 30, 2022

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