Trident Maple

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Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum) - Native to Japan, Eastern China and Taiwan have been used for centuries in the cultivation of Bonsai. The small three-pronged leaves on the Trident Maple are what give it its common name. This species is a very popular choice for Bonsai material, along with its compacted leaves, Trident Maples are also known for their intricate and interesting roots which is why you will find most root over rock compositions are done with a Trident Maple. The Trunk on the Trident Maple quickly develops into a peeling orange-brown bark, giving it a mature look. 

Trident Maples are hardy trees and can take aggressive pruning and shaping, the leaves are dark green during the summer turning into an orange or red colour in the fall. Potted Tridents need to be protected in the winter from frost. Please see our winter care page for details. 

Repot every 2-3 years early in the Spring. Use a well-draining soil mix, our Base Substrate mix along with Akadama or Calcinated Clay at a ratio of one to one work best for this species. 

The Baby Trident Maples are in 4" shallow pots and still have flexibility in their trunk. Perfect for creating movement and interest.

Please see our "Choosing a Bonsai" page to ensure you understand the age and state of the Bonsai you are ordering.