Congratulations !

You've taken you're first step in the amazing journey of Bonsai Art. 

First thing you need to do, once receiving you're Bonsai is to remove the wrapping from the root and soil. 

Whether you're growing, training or ready to display your Bonsai will dictate your next steps.


Baby Bonsai

If you purchased a baby bonsai, we recommend placing it in a larger pot to stimulate growth quickly. Any general soil mix for flowers or shrubs will do. After a month after planting, you can start adding fertilizer to the root system in a liquid or spike form. This too, will promote growth and strengthen the root system. These baby Bonsai will be happy to grow outside, as long as you ensure they have enough water and the soil is moist. In the winter months, bring these Bonsai inside to an area that has natural sunlight if possible. 


Young Bonsai

Young Bonsai, are at a stage where depending on your desired outcome can either continue to be grown for thickness and size, in which case you can follow the same instructions as the baby Bonsai above. If you are happy with the size fo the Bonsai, you can start training it at this point as well. Please see our training Bonsai page