Star of David


The Star of David (Grewia occidentalis), also referred to as Lavender Star is a deciduous tree with purple, star-shaped flowers appearing in the summer, followed by berries in the fall. The simple leaves are shiny, deep green and sometimes slightly hairy.

This a great tree that grows vigorously and can withstand a little drought which makes it a forgiving tree if a little watering is skipped. Happy to grow outside in our Canadian summer and is very happy in a bright sunny space, preferably by a window in the winter.  

These are not seeds - But Actual Bonsai Tree

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page, for the age and dimensions regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, & Mature).

Customer Reviews

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Honestly, the plant wasn't the healthiest when it arrived. It already had 75% of its leaf dying. Soil health looks okay. However, the plant is on red alert. I'm not a master a bonsia nor and am I beganer but, I don't how long this plant has left. Currently, it has 90% of it leafs dead.

Philippe C. (Montreal, CA)
Great but fragile tree

This Star of David arrived in great shape but started to lose about a third of its leaves. With plenty of sun, it’s starting to bud back into shape two weeks later.

Cole Meachem (Regina, CA)
Good Health

Leaves fell off as a result of the lack of sun while shipping, but was packaged very well with care and the tree itself is clearly very healthy and is already growing all new leaves after a only week!

Donna (Dorval, CA)
Lavender Star my first bonsai

I was very excited to receive my Grewia as I ordered this in February and only received it May 24th due to weather. When I received it I was a little disappointed as it looked nothing like the bonsais that were on the website, also most of its leaves were gone. I know transporting by courier isn’t ideal so I decided to wait to see how the plant is doing after a few weeks. It’s now 3 weeks and my little bonsai is doing better. I transplanted it into a training pot without disturbing the roots. I’m hoping with this little extra tlc it will continue to pick up and thrive. Photo taken 3 weeks after receiving it.

Zubair (Mississauga, CA)
Trees was good but losts a lot of leafs

Overall, I'm always satisfied with the health of the tree. However, on this order. My tree came not looking the best. After opening the box, I noticed alot of dead leafs.
I feel the company need to invest in better shipping process. I order my shipment on Sept 15th and I got my odrer on Sept 28th. That's almost 15 days my trees where locked in that box, with water or sun light. It would be nice if the company allowed local pick-up for people that in the same province. Instead of us waiting 15day.
Also, this time they didn't provide a care instructions for the trees, which was disappointing.

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