Sphagnum Moss


Compressed Long Strand Sphagnum moss 100g is high-quality hand-picked sphagnum moss from New Zealand. Don't let this little packaging fool you. This moss expands to 8L when soaked in water for 15 minutes. Use it all or break off as much as you need and soak it. 

Loose Premium Long strand Sphagnum moss. 35g (Enough for repotting 3-5 Bonsai in 8" pots).

Long Strand Sphagnum moss is an ideal component of soil conditioning and propagation. It is also recommended when repotting your Bonsai. Just place a small amount around the root ball when repotting and then continue as you usually would with the repotting. 

To revive the sphagnum moss, submerge it in water for 10-15 minutes and then it's ready to use. 

This premium Sphagnum moss can hold 20x its weight in moisture, making it a great way to ensure the root ball is protected from drying out and giving your Bonsai the best chance of survival during repotting. 

Sometimes called spagnum moss as well, it is the same product. 


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Dennis Crisp (Orillia, CA)
Bonsai pots

Was really surprised at the high quality of your bonsai pots complete with screen material. I should have ordered several more. Thanks for such great products

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