Red Cedar

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The Eastern Red Cedar can become a gorgeous Bonsai. One of the main issues in growing this type of Bonsai is that the trunk tends to shoot up straight like a telephone pole, at least that is the sentiment in various forums. However, having a good pre-bonsai to avoid this is key. Which is why we are so happy to bring you this collection. Our Young Red Cedar bonsai are amazing material to start with. 


Another little secret that you'll want to know is that although it's called a Cedar, it's actually from the Juniper family, making it a hardy and fast grower that very quickly (compared to other varieties), can be a display tree.



Our Red Cedar Bonsai is grown from the most magnificent trees that have successfully grown up to be mature Bonsai's.

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page, for the age and details regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, Adult & Mature).

You can expect your Bonsai to arrive adequately packaged and ready for you to replant it into a more permanent home, at least for the next two to three years.