Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum + var)

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The Royal Family of Bonsai,

(Acer Palmatum) + (Acer Dissectum)

The majestic Japanese Red Maple is considered the king of Bonsai trees. It's complicated and vigorous growth compiled with small, colourful ornamental leaves. Make this tree both easy to grow and impressive when mature. 

For the most part, Japanese Maples are of the more accessible varieties to grow as Bonsai.

But that's just the beginning as there are hundreds of magnificent cultivars this variety has. 


Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Bloodgood

- Small flowers make way to red leaves, turning purple later in the summer and fall. When the leaves fall, they make visible the reddish-black trunk, having a very striking effect. 

This purple leaf all-rounder that is both hardy and delicate is one of the most common and forgiving as a Bonsai. 


Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Hogyuko

- This green-leafed tree looks impressive and compact, with thicker textured leaves that have a little curl to them. Its slow growth makes it an ideal Bonsai material. Midsummer, the leaves develop an orange edge. Come fall is where the bright pumpkin-coloured leaves make this variety stand out. 

Koto No Ito

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Koto no ito

- Meaning: Golden Old Harp, this variety has delicate lace-like leaves that emerge dark red, turning green during growth and then a golden yellow in the fall. Slow growing and a semi-dwarf Acer cultivar make this an excellent choice for Bonsai. 

Sango Kaku

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Sango Kaku

- Famously known as Coral Bark Maple, for its striking bright red bark colour. Leaves start pinkish yellow in the spring, turning to soft green in the summer before turning a golden yellow in the fall. The unique bark colour accentuates the delicate leaves. This slow-growing cultivar is a very desirable specimen for Bonsai. Trying to describe this majestic tree in only one picture is impossible, so we added another of its summer colours. 


Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Sango Kaku - Green leaves


Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Shishigashira

- The Lions Head Maple, one of if not the most desirable of the Japanese Maples for Bonsai. Tight leaf bunches that curl and are arranged in a cloud-like shape. Slow growing with a mesmerizing green bark. This cultivar is famous for attracting attention from anyone that happens to see it. When most other maples are losing their leaves and getting ready for the winter, the Shishigashira is still going strong, slowly changes its colouring to golden, crimson and rose hues. Once again, standing in a class of its own.


Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) Shishigashira

Crimson Queen

Japanese Maple (Acer Dissectum) - Crimson Queen

- Keeping its gorgeous red lace leaves through spring, summer, and fall is what makes this beautiful tree stand out. One of the most intricate and exciting leaf structures with a willow feel to them. Unlike most Japanese Maples, which prefer shade s\during mid-day to avoid sunburn, the crimson queen shines bright in the midday sun, with very little to no chance of leaf burn. 

Dwarf Japanese Maple

Dwarf Japanese Maple

- This exciting cultivar is highly sought after for Bonsai as it naturally slow-growing. In addition, Dwarf Japanese Maples* also have naturally small leaves, short internodes and abundant branching. Using this material for Bonsai is wonderful given the proportionate nature of the art. With small leaves, short internodes and low branching, your Dwarf Japanese Maple Bonsai will look like a large weathered maple in nature very quickly. 

*Important - The Dwarf Japanese Maples unlike our standard Young Japanese Maples, do not come in 1-gallon pots, rather smaller shallow pots. Being a dwarf cultivar they grow slower than other Japanese Maple cultivars and as such seem younger than they are. 

The images used to describe and showcase Japanese Maple Bonsai are for display and illustration purposes. We do have Mature Specimen Japanese Maple in our current catalogue, starting at $1900.00. 

Baby Japanese Maples are 6-18 months old and just beginning their journey. These are the perfect age trees to start training trunk movement. 

Young Japanese Maples (all cultivars) are 4-6 years old and come in 1-gallon nursery pots. These trees (Pre-Bonsai) are at the perfect age to repot and train as a Bonsai.