Fukien Tea


The Fukien Tea (Ehretia Microphylla) is one of the most sought after species for Bonsai. With its naturally small foliage, thick knotted trunk and flowering year-round, this is truly a specimen to behold. 

Most sources will mention that growing a Fukien from seedling or seed should not be attempted by in-experienced Bonsai Artists, as they can be very challenging to shape when young. Resulting in either an undesirable tree or even worse, a dead tree. 

In both our Young & Mature collections the Fukien Tea Bonsai and Pre-Bonsai we offer have been grown, trained and trunk sculpted by professionals. Leaving the end design and the fun parts all up to you. 

The Fukien can be grown both indoors and outdoors. This Bonsai loves humidity and its ideal temperature is between 16°-24° celsius, with at least 25% humidity. So a humidity tray is highly recommended for a Fukien Bonsai. 

Watering the Fukien does require paying attention to your Bonsai. Fukien prefers moist to slightly dry soil. The Bonsai will quickly show you that it needs watering by the leaves drying up a little. This means water me now. 

Wiring a Fukien must not be done for more than 2-3 months at a time, as this can quickly damage the bark and scar the tree. 

Repotting needs to happen almost every year for the first few years. For best chances fo success, use a good Bonsai Soil mix. 

If you've read all the way here, you must really be interested in a Fukien Tea Bonsai. In which case, we say get it. Yes, it's of the harder species to grow, but a cared for Fukien Bonsai can and will grow into a magnificent Bonsai specimen. And the rewarding feeling that comes along with it, is priceless. 

These are not seeds - But Actual Bonsai Tree

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page, for the age and dimensions regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, & Mature).

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Randy Webber (Red Deer, CA)
Fukien Tea

Arrived in great condition! Very health and already some growth.

Janet Saluri (Woodbridge, CA)
Fukien Tea

Beautiful tree

Frances W (Toronto, CA)
Mature plant! Love it!

Larger than I expected. Trunk wonderful s shape.


Everything is perfect

Murray Pura (Calgary, CA)

Came perfectly packed and healthy. A lush and beautiful green. I did have her in the Japanese Garden a few days (bringing her in at night) but I received so many conflicting opinions about this I presently have her inside at a sunny window. She’s lovely though I truly enjoyed seeing her on display in the garden too. A great plant from BonsaiStore.co

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