Chinese Elm


CHINESE ELM (Ulmus parvifolia)

It is one of the most popular elm species used in Bonsai. It develops fine ramification and starts resembling a mature elm in nature quickly. It is indigenous to South-East Asia and China. What makes this a great Bonsai is that it develops a beautiful scaling bark with orange patches and can be kept indoors and outdoors. Out of all the indoor species of Bonsai, the Chinese Elm is the hardiest, making it perfect for Canadian weather, where temperatures can fluctuate drastically in short periods. 


Watering: it does not withstand drought very well but does not like a lot of moisture either. So it is best to water when the top layer is dry.

Training: ideal for shaping with standard wiring. 

Pruning: the trunk of this tree thickens quickly and requires pruning to direct ramification. Unkept, it will soon grow out of control. Pruning is recommended in the Fall. 

Repotting: it is recommended to be repotted every other year when young. Once developed (15 years or older), you can repot every 4-5 years. Regardless of age, it is best to repot in the Spring. 


YOUNG: 12" - 14" tall, comes in a 6" grower's pot.

MATURE: 14" - 18" tall, comes with a medium ceramic 8inch pot.

These are not seeds - But an Actual Living Bonsai Tree.

Please see our Choosing a Bonsai page for the age and dimensions regarding the different stages of our Bonsai (Baby, Young, & Mature).

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Plant came in sick, white powder build up on all the leaves with holes scattered around the leaves. Tried reaching out to the company and never any response. Brought the tree to a local plant store and they told me I could try some products but they thought it was pretty terminal, and I should attempt to return the plant. Seeing as I had no response from the company, I tried doing what I could, and just as the white buildup started to dissipate, the tree died.
I really wish I could’ve contacted the company.

Judy (Ohsweken, CA)
Healthy & Well Packaged

Both trees, Chinese elm and Barbados Cherry arrived well packaged and healthy! Good soil, good trees and good customer communication. Thank you

Mark Read (Calgary, CA)

Very happy with my Chinese Elm. Beautiful pot and impressive packaging for shipping. Tree is doing well...


Bought several plants and they all died. Every. Single. One! Very expensive lesson. Bought local and doing just fine.

Peter Nikolantonakis (Montreal, CA)
Nice bic Chinese Elm.

It’s a beautiful tree. Thick trunk. Very curvy. Small leaves. Everything you want in a bonsai.

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