Bonsai Wire

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A crucial part of training Bonsai is the wire. Although wire use in the shaping of the tree is fairly recent, compared to the age fo the art itself. Today it has become an inseparable part of the art of Bonsai.


We are happy to offer anodized aluminum wire in various thicknesses. 


Here are some tip s when choosing your wire thickness. 

  • 1mm - Best for young branches, delicate work. This wire is not strong enough to wire trunks or thick branches, but perfect to start the training process on thinner branches. This wire comes in 17-foot rolls.

1mm Anodized Aluminum Wire

  • 2mm - Probably your best all-rounder. This thickness is great for young trunks, just starting their training process, as in our baby collection or more established branches in Young and Mature Bonsai. This wire comes in 10-foot rolls.

2mm-Anodized Aluminum Bonsai Wire

  • 3mm - Although there are thicker gauges, we would say that if you can't train it with 3mm wire, you probably need a trunk bender tool. This wire is best for training trunks on our Young Bonsai collections and is a must in any Bonsai enthusiast's arsenal. This wire comes in 10-foot rolls. 

3mm -Anodized Aluminum Bonsai Wire