Bio-Gold Fertilizer

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The most widely used bonsai fertilizer in the world for a good reason. Bio Gold is a perfectly balanced fertilizer developed by Mr. Kyuzo Murata of Kyuka-en Bonsai Nursery. Now his original formula is produced under the supervision of Dr. Kazuo Yamaguchi, Professor of Ibaragi University. Using Bio-Technology, BIO-GOLD is the best organic fertilizer available today. It has the three essential elements Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash and micronutrients to produce a balanced fertilizer.


Containing several types of natural bacteria, Bio Gold, slowly releases a steady flow of organic nutrients helping all Bonsai species thrive, without disrupting the soil chemistry. 

NPK 5.5-6.5-3.6

Trusted and tested for decades, Bio-Gold is the perfect balanced fertilizer for any Bonsai, along with many indoor and outdoor container plants, stimulating flowering and higher yields. Bio Gold also acts as a deterrent for pests, mildew and worms. 

Recommended Use: Scatter pellets evenly on top of soil. For best results use 1 pellet for every square inch of your pot size. Then water regularly. Pellets will provide a slow measured release for the following two months. 

The pellets are also formed in a triangular form, to stop them from rolling when being watered. 

We have purchased bulk bags of Bio Gold and repackaged them into 8oz resealable packaging. Our 8oz packages are designed to provide an average bonsai (8" pot), enough fertilizer for a whole year.