Watering Facts for Bonsai_ Most Commonly Asked Questions

Remember that every bonsai tree is different. The right watering schedule for one bonsai tree may not be appropriate for another. That’s why you need to check your bonsai plants daily to determine their watering needs. Allow the soil to dry just a little in between watering to ensure that you’re not overwatering your bonsai. Remember that overwatering can be fatal to bonsai plants. This is why this article is here to shed light on bonsai tree watering facts to ensure you water your bonsai correctly.

Watering Facts for Bonsai: Most Commonly Asked Questions

1 - Can I use the regular tap water we have at home?

The tap water is loaded with minerals and chemicals that can kill your bonsai plant. That’s why you must use purified water that contains no chlorine or other chemicals. You can buy bottled water at your local grocery store, or you can collect rainwater in a rain barrel.

2 - How can I increase humidity during winter?

The indoor bonsai are affected by low temperatures, but they can stay healthy if you increase the humidity. Use a room humidifier to keep the humidity level moderate. You can also cover the pot with plastic wrap to trap humidity.

3 - How do I water my bonsai trees when I go on vacation?

You can ask a friend or family member to look after your bonsai plants while you’re away. If no one is available, you can leave your bonsai trees in the care of your local nursery. Don’t forget to tell them when you expect to return so that they can water your bonsai plants appropriately.

4 - Do I need to frequently mist my bonsai?

No, you don’t need to. It’s a myth that misting your bonsai several times a day will help it grow faster. Misting too much can cause water to sit on the leaves and leave them wet. This will invite fungus and bacteria growths.

5 - What are the best times of day to water my bonsai?

You can water your bonsai tree anytime. If you water your bonsai in the morning, the water will dry up by the afternoon. You can also water your bonsai tree in the evening. This will give the water enough time to dry up, and the bonsai will not get too wet.

6 - Do I need to invest in expensive equipment to maintain my bonsai?

You don’t need expensive equipment. Bonsai watering facts tell you that with a watering can, water tray and a timer, you can maintain your bonsai plants.


This is the end of the bonsai tree watering facts article. Now that you’ve read and understood the information presented here, you can now go ahead and care for your bonsai tree with confidence. By now, you know that bonsai trees do not require much care. But it takes time, patience and effort to grow a bonsai tree that will be appreciated by others. With proper care and maintenance, your bonsai can be a family heirloom for generations to come.

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