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Concave Cutter / Branch Cutter

Often considered the next most important tool after shears, the concave cutter is specially designed to reduce scarring when removing unwanted branching from your Bonsai. Unlike with other tools where a reasonable substitute can be found, there isn't one for the concave cutter. The sharp edges on this cutter take a bute out of the tree, indenting the wound and forcing the trunk to heal over in a way that will minimize scarring. 

Knob Cutter

Similar to the branch cutter, the knob cutter has a unique circular shape that when closed forms a crescent. This is particularly useful for trimming away undesirable knobs, branch cuttings and even tough roots. This is a very useful tool along with a good pair of shears. Depending on the calliper of the trunk, a knob cutter can cut further into the trunk, so that after healing, the trunk will return to it's intended taper and not reverse it. 

 Trunk Splitter

Trunk splitters are mainly used to split thick branches that no longer can be bent. This carbon steel tool is made for the splitting of trunks or branches with precision, minimizing damage. The wide opening of the blades is designed tot provide you with enough clearance to achieve clean splits on your Bonsai.